Italic Shelf by Ronen Kadushen



Consisting of only 2 parts, a plywood shelf and spacer, the Italic shelf can be assembled in many ways and configurations to suit your needs. The shelf is very stable and strong as each part is locked by its own position and weight in a structure I developed and named “Controlled Collapse”. Basically, when the shelf is built high, it doesn’t loose its strength or stability.

Its name “Italic” is derived from the italic typefaces that slightly slant. It has endless arrangement possibilities and has a unique sculptural presence that comes from the direction of the spacers and the fact that the shelves are not aligned.
The first Italic prototype was produced in 2008 and since its publication as an Open Design was self produced by people all over the world, Used by architecture students to develop architectural ideas, and at the same time was sold in signed gallery editions to collectors and consumers.

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