The Layer Chair by Jens Dyvik


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This is an excellent example of a designer publishing an open design and then end users modifying that design. This chair has already appeared in various forms ranging from a stool to a high back chair (and I mean a really high back chair) and also in a variety of materials. The entire design, manufacturing and design distribution of this chair highlight the possibilties of open design.


According to Makezine, Jens Dyvik has created a parametric Layer Chair in the Grasshopper graphical algorithm editor extension for Rhino. Jens used a 2.5D process to create a “stair-stepped” 3D chair surface as an example of how to work with large organic surfaces on the ShopBot while making furniture for theHONFablab in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Just as intended, the original layer chair has mutated into several different versions, including; formal dining chairs in the shape of mountain peaks in Norway, a tall stool in New Zealand and a table and chair set inAmsterdam.”


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