Mozilla Factory’s Open Furniture


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The Mozilla office is heralded as an open source office, and its hard to argue with the core idea. It’s modular, its attractive, and a seemingly very effecient space. But what intruged us here at ODF, is that presents an intriguing perpective on Open Design. Instead of distributing plans for full peices, instead they have created a single pice of hardware to create lamps, tables and more. Then with this single piece they have given us ways to use them, and create a diy open source piece.

“The cable-friendly flooring uses plastic palettes covered with wood panelling to facilitate power and network connections underfoot, while separators around the office are made from thin polycarbonate panels so they can be easily moved . The chairs, for what it’s worth, don’t seem to be custom designed. Still, it’s a neat idea—and one that we’d love to see adopted more widely.

If you’re keen to replicate any of Mozilla’s furniture, you can download schematics of the furniture on the OS Furnitures website.”

[Mozilla via Spoon & Tomago via Verge via Gizmodo]

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