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This is great video by The Guardian featuring Nick Ierodiaconou discussing his OpenDesk project and the implications of open design. Throughout the video you get to see exactly how the “Edie Stool“, by brothers David Steiner and Joni Stiener, is fabricated. Then, Joni discusses his the stool, its inspiration and then provides a great look at the stools clever assembly method.

“At the moment, one has to make the choice between say, entirely bespoke products made just for them as one offs, and mass produced products. Typically made where the land is cheapest and the labor is cheapest, somewhere on the other side of the world and then shipped large distances.  Whereas with new technologies, like digital fabrication, its actually possible to not only make things close to home, but simultaneously to change them, to have them customized and personalized.”
Nick Ierodiaconou


For Edie Stool plans and details go to: OpenDesk.cc

Via: The Guardian

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